Flow of use : from reservation to departure and return
  • STEP1
    How to make a reservation

    You make sure if the car you like to rent is available , and then, send a reservation form to us or contact us. TEL:+81(11)595-8822

    We check your application and send it back to your email address or call you for confirmation.

    It might take about 3 days to reach you depending on a business day when we receive your email.In case you do not receive our follow-up email more than 4 days after you send us a reservation form, please contact us by telephone.

    At this point, your reservation has not been completed.

  • STEP2
    Payment of application fee

    You pay us the application fee 20,000yen(tax included) within 7 days after we inform you of the reservation confirmation.

    When the estimate rental cost is under 20,000 yen, we will receive the estimate renatl cost as application fee.

    When we receive your application fee, your reservation is confirmed.

    When we can not confirm your payment, we cancel your reservation.

    Please contact us asap when you cancel or change your reservation.

    The application fee is allocated for the rental payment. Please pay the balance by 15 days prior to the departure day.When you reserve a car less than15 days prior to the departure, we inform you of the payment separately provided.

    You can choose the payment either transfering to our designated bank account or credit card settlement.

    • Bank account transfer

      We email you our designated bank account.

      Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

    • Credit card settlement
  • STEP3

    You need the licenses of all drivers and copies of them.

    If you use ETC, you make sure you have ETC card.

    Before the departure, you check the rental car condition with our staff.

    You need to be at the delivery place one hour before the departure time because we explain how to use the equipments and safety cautions to you.

    When you come to our office by car, we will keep one car free of charge.

    When you do not show up more than one hour after your scheduled departure time, we charge you stipulated cancellation charge.

    For customers renting at New Chitose Airport:

    Rentals and returns at New Chitose Airport are done at the airport parking lot.

    How to move to the rental location

    ①After arriving at New Chitose Airport, board the free airport parking shuttle bus at airport parking lot number 30 on the 1st floor for domestic flights, or at platform 98 on the 1st floor for international flights.

     Location<(Domestic flights) New Chitose Airport platform 30><(International flights) New Chitose Airport platform 98

    ②Take the free shuttle bus for about 10 minutes and get off at the airport parking lot, then rent a camper.

    • For passengers traveling with pets,
      Pets are also allowed on the free shuttle bus at the airport parking lot.
      When riding together on a bus, you will be sharing the bus with other passengers.
      Please put your pet in the cage and ride.
      You cannot ride without entering the gauge.
      Also, the size of the gauge that can be carried on the free shuttle bus is up to 55cm in width.
      If your gauge is larger than 55cm, you will need to take a taxi to the airport parking lot.

    • We will contact you separately regarding the parking fee for your car.
  • STEP4

    Please return the car at the designated time and place.

    Please clear the car of trash by yourself.

    When returning, we check the car condition, fuel and see if there is anything left behind.

    Plase fill up the tank at a gas station within 3km from return place.

    In case of rental extension or being unrefilled, you settle the additional paymanet by cash when returning.

    When you return the car earlier than the scheduled time, we do not give you refund.

    Thank you for using our camper.

    We hope you will come again.

    Return (Customers returning at New Chitose Airport)

    ①Fill up with fuel at a gas station near the airport!

    ②After parking at the airport parking lot, return the camper (please be careful not to leave anything behind!)

     Location<Airport parking

    ③Take the free shuttle bus and get off at New Chitose Airport, then proceed to the plane boarding procedure.

    [Points to note when using a rental car at New Chitose Airport]
    • When making a reservation for a camper, we will confirm the departure/arrival flight number and time.
    • We recommend returning your vehicle at least 2 hours before your flight, and 3 hours before your international flight, so you have plenty of time to spare.
Non operation charge (NOC)

NOC will apply as part of the compensation for loss of use, arising from the non-usability of the rented vehicle during the repairing or cleaning period in the following cases when we are not liable-accident, theft, breakdown, stains, damages, etc.
These charges will be the same regardless of the degree of the damage.


When you drive the rental car to our office for return 55,000yen/one way
When a rental car is unable to move and you cannot drive the car to our office 88,000yen/one way
The loss of income compensation during the repairing or cleaning period 22,000yen/day(max.30days)


You have to pay actual expenses for repairing or cleaning damage on equipments inside and outside.

Compensations mentioned above are not covered by insurance.


When we cannot lend a car to you on the scheduled rental day due to breakdown, accident, natural disaster or other causes beyond control,We refund you in full.

When we suffer any losses caused by your schedule change, you will pay the fixed cancellation charge.

Matters to be attended
  • Drivers should have driven more than three years after getting the driving license.
  • All cars are no smoking. If you smoke, make fire or cook inside or nearby a car, we will charge you the cost for deodorizing a car.
    We might charge you NOC(max. 3 days) depending on the odor condition.
  • You need our permission in advance if you are accompanied with a pet. If you have a pet in a car without permission, we will charge you NOC (max.3days).
  • When a stain or dirty spot is found, we charge you the cleaning cost 3,300 yen/spot.
  • Please take off shoes in a car except driver and assistant driver seat.
  • While driving, the use of bed and fire is strictly prohibited and pets should be kept inside cage.
  • When returning, please take out trash and clean the car.
  • While using a car, you are responsible for daily checkup and maintenance of the car.
  • While using a car, you burden the repair cost for flat tires, burst, and refueling etc.
  • In the event of an accident, regardless of the size of the damage, if you do not contact the police and our company, the insurance will not cover the damage.
  • Please confirm the rental agreement before the rental.
The size of each vehicle is shown in "Car" section. We show you how to drive and explain matters to be attended before departure.
Yes, you can.
All cars are equipped with thoses devices.
All cars are equipped with air-conditioning. For winter use, some cars are equipped with FF heater.
All cars are no smoking.
Yes, you can. As long as your pet is well trained and you use a car clean, you can take any type of pet with you.About pet allowed vehicles, please ask us.When we find out that you are accompanied with pets without our permission,we will charge you the cost for deodorizing and cleaning.
English and Chinese speaking staff members are available.
Yes, you can. Please contact us in advance by telephone or by website inquiry. We will arrange for it.
We have resident staff who has specialized in Hokkaido tourism service & industry. You can contact us anytime by telephone or via website .
We have pickup a& return service at New Chitose Airport and all areas in Sapporo City. Please ask us if you want other places for pickup or return.
We have almost all necessary items such as bedding set, BBQ set with fire stand, tables, chairs, LED lantern etc.
  • TEL+81 (11) 595-8822
  • FAX+81 (11) 594-8682
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